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The majority of builders in Queensland present their clients with Queensland building contracts created for builders by the HIA (Housing Industry Association) or the MBA (Master Builders Association) and to a lesser extent building contracts drafted by the QBSA (Queensland Building Services Authority).

Building Contracts drafted by building industry groups are designed to favour builders, it follows that these contracts can be somewhat less favourable to homeowners and consumers.

Throughout this website we identify that the vast majority of Queensland Building Disputes relate to Price, Delays and Quality of the work or materials related to a building project.

In any building project it is essential for both the Homeowner and the Builder to set out in writing and fully understandexactly what goods and services the Builder is going to provide, when they will be provided, and exactly how much the homeowner is expected to pay. It is also in the builders' best interests that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities from the start to avoid costly disputes later in what by necessity may be a lengthy relationship.

Building contracts are complex, there are numerous "General Conditions" which appear to be "Industry Standard". By agreeing to those conditions you may be disadvantaged if a dispute arises before you move into your finished home. You should not enter into any binding contract without understanding all of the terms and conditions.

The law firm Lawyers Qld through itsLegal Practitioner Director Karen SchwedeSpecialises in Queensland Building and Construction Law and has the knowledge, skills and experience to fully explain your Qld Building Contract to you.

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In 2012 the Queensland NewmanGovernmentheld a Qld Parliamentary inquiry into the performance of the QBSA. The Committee reviewed numerous complaints from consumers relating to Building Contracts and were critical of the current Building Contracts used by builders in Queensland.

The November 2012 Queensland Parliamentary Committee made the following comment

"The Committee is concerned that many consumers only appear to seek legal advice about their building contract once something goes wrong. The Committee is therefore strongly of the view that homeowners should seek legal advice before signing a contract to build a new home or renovate an existing house, while recognising that some people wish to opt out of receiving such advice.

The Committee is concerned that builders currently use contracts developed by industry associations which contain clauses that favour the licensee. The Committee is therefore recommending that builders be required to use the (proposed) new standard contract as part of their licensing conditions.

If the Minister decides against introducing a mandatory standard contract the Committee recommends that the (proposed) new building authority review the current building contracts drafted by industry groups with a view to discouraging any inherent bias toward the building contractor."

Extract from the report.

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