QBSA Home Warranty Insurance

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QBCC Home Warranty Insurance Scheme provides coverage to homeowners in certain limited circumstances. The QBCC website lists the following circumstances.

During the course of the contract QBCC Home Warranty Insurance may assist if:

* The builder becomes bankrupt or goes into liquidation.

*The builder fails to complete the contracted works for reasons that are not the consumer's fault.

*The builder fails to complete the contracted works and those works are found to be defective.

After completion of the work BSA Home Warranty Insurance may assist if:

*The builder fails to rectify defects that have been the subject of a BSA Direction to Rectify, or for various reasons (e.g. bankruptcy or liquidation, in another Country or deceased), is unable to attend to rectification.

* The building suffers the effects of subsidence or settlement.

What work is insurable?

Once you have signed a contract with a contractor for residential construction work valued over $3,300, the licensed contractor should pay the appropriate insurance premium to the QBCC.

Some of the types of work that you may have carried out that will require the payment of an insurance premium include:

* The construction of a house, duplex, townhouse, villa unit, (provided it is not a multiple storey dwelling of more than three storeys) and residential outbuildings (e.g. garage, pool change room, gazebo, shed etc).

* Replacement of, or extension to, part or all of a residential building (including re-fitting bathrooms and kitchens) that affects any of the structural components (e.g. walls, roof, floor, foundations).

How much insurance cover is available under a policy?

The maximum benefit available under a policy is the lower of either the replacement value of the insured work or:

* $200,000 - Prior to Practical Completion (covers Non-Completion, Defects and Subsidence or Settlement)

*$200,000 - After Practical Completion (covers Defects and Subsidence or Settlement)

* That amount includes, where applicable, a maximum of $5,000 for alternative accommodation, removal and storage costs.

Click on the links below to view a copy of the QBSA Home Warranty "Policy Conditions" to better understand what is covered.

QBCC Home Warranty Policy Conditions Edition 6 EFFECTIVE 1 SEPTEMBER 2003

QBCC Home Warranty Policy Conditions Edition 7 EFFECTIVE 29 SEPTEMBER 2006

QBCC Home Warranty Policy Conditions Edition 8 EFFECTIVE 1 JULY 2009

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