Defective Building Work Solicitor Queensland

One of the most common types of Building Dispute in Queensland are building disputes relating to defective building work. This type of building dispute is just as problematic for homeowners and builders.

Some unscrupulous contractors increase profits by using inferior materials or poor work practices, (that being said) some homeowners allege that building work is defective in an attempt to avoid paying the builder or contractor for their work and materials.

Another factor in this type of dispute can be personality and communication issues. There is normally a vast disparity between the understanding of the technical aspects of building between the homeowners as "lay people" (who may only have one or two homes built for them in their lifetime) and professional builders who routinely build homes.

Sometimes a defect is only identified after the works have progressed around and over the problem meaning that perfectly good work and materials must be removed or damaged. This can cause a small defect to become a very expensive rectification. A good example of this is tiling in wet areas where waterproofing membranes will be damaged by rectifying tile work, or a leak in the roof or a pipe that has ruined ceilings, carpets and walls.

There can also be disagreement as to what is a "reasonable" method of rectification. It may be that the services of an "independent building consultant expert" are required to broker a satisfactory solution. We can assist builders and homeowners by overseeing the process of resolving disputes over defective building work.

Sometimes the Queensland Building and Construction Commission becomes involved, the QBCC has the power to issue a Direction to rectify defective building work which compels the builder to return and correct the detective building works.

Another avenue open to Homeowners is to make an application to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal "QCAT" to claim the costs for rectification of the Defective building work from the Builder or Contractor.

Our firm has vast experience in dealing with disputes over defective building work, contact us on Brisbane 30365233 or Gold Coast 56770533 to speak to a Queensland Building Solicitor who can provide building legal advise and advise you of your options regarding defective building work.

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