Unhappy with a Queensland Building Services Authority "QBSA" decision?

There is a formal process for the review of Queensland Building Services Authority decisions. The process requires that an application be made to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal "QCAT" within a very limited time frame from receipt of the formal decision from the BSA.

Our Queensland Solicitor can help you through the process of making the application, preparing the requiredevidence and appearing on your behalf.

Some of the decisions that you can review are-

QBSA Insurance claims

QBSA directions to rectify

QBSA licensing matters

QBSA Permitted or Excluded Individual decisions

QBSA Disciplinary decisions

If you feelaggrievedby the QBSA and would like to exercise your legal rights to question their decision call Karen Schwede Principle of LawyersQld for a consultation on Brisbane 3036 5233 or Gold Coast 5677 0533 for Legal Advice on QBSA reviews.

In 2012 the Queensland NewmanGovernmentheld aQEDParliamentary inquiry into the performance of the QBSA. In November 2012 the Committee reported on their findings those findings recommended that the QBSA "bedisbanded as soon as alternative mechanisms for delivering its functions can be established" and "The Committee is particularly concerned by the consistent reports of harassment, intimidation and bullying".

See extracts below.

The committeerecommendsthat in the interests of improved confidence and transparency, the "one stop shop" model for the provision of Queensland Government building services be discontinued and that the Queensland Building Services Authority be disbanded as soon as alternative mechanisms for delivering its functions can be established.

Recommendation1 of 41 November 2012

The Committee is concerned at the extent of the evidence that points to an unprofessional organisational culture in the QBSA, particularly in relation to staff dealings with individual consumers and contractors.

The Committee has noted reports that both Consumers and Licensees regularly receive incorrect and inconsistent advice and are often treated with disrespect. The Committee is particularly concerned by the consistent reportsofharassment, intimidation and bullying.

The Committeebelievesthat the establishment of a new Building Authority will provide an opportunity for staff to receive training in customer relations and also to be provided with whatever training is necessary to undertake their roles and responsibilities in the new Authority or relevantGovernmentDepartment to the highest possible standard.

Reported Committee Comment November 2012

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